TFV 55 Orange Onesie

What’s up Vilorians! We are back Wednesday morning at 10 with a new batch of crazy!

We’re going to kick things off with some crazy shit from Egypt. A 3 year old was sentenced to life in prison. Yes, you read that right. A 3 year old! Life! For murder! What the fuck did he do? Did he shit through his diaper, causing someone to throw up in public, which then caused someone to slip on the puke and die from hitting their head on the ground? No, that can’t be it. That would be involuntary manslaughter, at most. Well, we’ll talk about it.

Then we’ll talk about some ass clown that tried to trade a kidnapped baby for 15 Big Macs. Come on, man! No fries? Maybe a milkshake? McFlurry? Hell, at least get a soda to wash all that cholesterol down. Anyway, he failed. The quotes in the article are great!

We will try to get into some thing going around the internet about KFC using genetically modified chicken and our reliance on to tell us whether this drivel is true or not.

J wants to get into some UFC 196 stuff, too.

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TFV 53 Back Again

What’s up people! We are finally back with more fun! We’ve ditched the Random Intervals title and have gone back to being the Flying Vilorias! That’s right, THE TRASH TALKING, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD are back for good! We’re going back to the old format, too. Talking about stupid stuff on the internet, Shit we’re into and maybe even heroes of the week. The only difference is the length of show. It’s hard for us to get time to do 3 hour shows at the same time with our hectic schedules. So the shows will now be between 30 and 45 minutes long. This will make scheduling shows easier on us and will also mean at least two shows per week. That’s our promise to you, our loyal listeners. More episodes! Consistent episodes! If we fail to deliver, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can do so on Twitter by tweeting @FlyingVilorias or my personal account @jsharpcomedy; on The Flying Vilorias Facebook page; or by emailing We appreciate any feedback, good or bad.


Now, on to the big return show! Coming live at 9am Pacific on Super Sunday!!! Get the day off on the right foot. If that’s what you’re into. Yeah, we’re talking to you Sexy Rexy. We’ve got a blockbuster show! We have obtained exclusive audio from Peyton Manning’s crisis management team regarding the Al Jazeera story that accuses Manning of using PEDs. Yes, exclusive. You’ll only hear it on The Flying Vilorias podcast! Don’t miss it!


After we drop that audio and analyze the content, we’ll jump into the butterscotch complexion of Stacey Dash. The hot-until-she-opens-her-mouth actress got a little heated at something Anthony Anderson said at the NAACP Awards.

Read the article here: Stacey Dash Butterscotch


We’ll close out the show with Shit We’re Into and maybe make some Super Bowl predictions. Join us! We are going to have a blast!


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Scared Stupid


 Great white sharks are popping up more and more off the coast of California. I just hope they remember the Vilorias are friends, not food.



Some people are trying to get grizzly bears back in California. They’re bringing grizzlies back…yep. These mother fuckers don’t know how to act. GET IN THE FETAL POSITION AND DON’T MOVE! Or is it appear as big as possible and get loud?



A burglar logged in to his Facebook account in a home he broke into. He forgot to log out. Then he got really stupid. His next post will be…”My ass hurts! :(” 453 People like this.


A company has released an iPad cover that has a fleshlight attached to it. If you don’t know what a fleshlight is, you likely have a sex life.

A French-Canadian porn star one-ups everyone in the mile high club.

And, finally, a Chilean porn star celebrates her country’s World Cup victory by playing with balls. A lot of balls.

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If Your Kids Don’t Kill You, Your Niece May; Plus How Red May Improve Your Oral Sex Life



You pretty much are the worst kid ever if:


In politics there are certain litmus tests; In Oklahoma the tests are severe:


I’ve known people named Dallas, Paris, Georgia, and other places.  This article ponders what states would be like as people.  We’ll cover our favorite:


Its quite possible that if I made a fake facebook page and asked my godson to be my friend, he’d respond like this bitch:


The key to a better sex life may just be in the marketing strategies of fast food companies: or maybe its as easy as making time during your shows:

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A Balanced Diet

Hello Flying Vilorians! We’ve got another crazy episode for you!

The Vegetarian Entree


Well, we’ve all heard of women using vegetables in their sexcapades, but this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


Here Cums Dessert!


Here’s one booster you won’t see on the Jamba Juice menu!


Your Tip Is How Small?

bad tipper

We’ve talked about tipping before, and I’m sure we’ll talk about it again. My rule is, start at 20% and go from there, based on service. There’s one restaurant owner that’s taking all the math and douchebaggery out of tipping. I think he’s onto something.


Looner Event


This is a story of a blow job gone horribly wrong!!! No more clowning around!


A Quantum Leap



And, of course, we have to spend some time on another subject. If for no other reason, to prove we don’t always think like 12 year old boys. Does consciousness die with with body? Or does it move on to another universe? Things that make you go hmmm…


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Some tasty morsels to ponder


So this guy ate his own hip.  Found a gif for that …


May I see your driver’s license and husband’s death certificate please?


Lets hope that if the following is true, they aren’t the Engineers.  If they are, lets hope they blame the South …


If only this happened to male deniers:

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Cinco de Fly-o

Happy Cinco de Fly-o everyone! We celebrate May with a hands-on look at what the month stands for.



We talk about Leo Sharp (no relation…I hope) and the bold decision he’s made about what remains of his life.



We will talk about finding something you do well, and being proud of it.



Ever felt like you’re being watched? How about being touched? Diddled? Ever felt like there was a penis inside you when you were alone in a room? It may not be your imagination.



Why all the sex talk? Well, have you heard the show? Plus, we have a scientific list as to why May is the horniest month of the year.



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Sex, Guns and …

Hello ladies and gentlemen to our sacred Christian show.  We are back to bring to light stories from the dirty underbelly of life.  Chicks with guns in their china, gender neutrality in Happy Meals, and how would you tell your parents about your porn job?  Plus, we have a new contributing guest to introduce … to relate to our younger crowd.  The Alexhondro will join The Franchise and the counselor.  Tune in or log on, Monday, 11:30 Eastern, 8:30 Pacific.  Call in and share your thoughts or tweet us.  

Janie’s Got a Gun (this story is in no way affiliated with Aerosmith and the views espoused in this episode in no way should be attributed to or endorsed by the band Aerosmith and/or any of its members and/or agents)  …

Men love women and guns.  This girl combines the two …


I’d like a Happy Meal with a side of liberal are-you-fucking-kidding-me …



Dear Mama?  How would you tell your parents that you were in porn?  Vox asks the question.  


The New Rude


I WAS JUST QUOTING!!!  For real.  Last week got a little out of hand when a measured decision went terribly wrong.  One co-host’s work usage (in the context of a quote) got people talking about whether language is in the purview of race.  We won’t get into that (but you can if you call/email/Facebook/Twitter in), but while taking in the Bay Boys of Comedy live this weekend, the white people in the crowd were acting foolish, which led one comedian to comment that the whites in the crowd were acting like black folks (whom are allegedly, stereotypically rude or loud out of context at comedy shows?).  Got us thinking, can white people just get away with whatever the fuck they want and do it without a shred of irony?  We discuss.



White House responds to hang nail by cutting off finger …

Perhaps the White House should think about stopping drone attacks?  Nah, lets worry about the President’s selfie issue.


The War Against Terror takes a logical turn …


First they want to share your fries … then everything else/Are men just paranoid?


Image Image


The Internet works …