Georgie On My Mind!!!

Georgie, Georgie … 

Pretty sure Ray would have remixed the song for us …

Dear Listeners we have a treat for you!  As we previewed on our last show, we have an amazing guest this week The Georgie Fairmont (@GeorgieFairmont) will join us Thursday at 8 pm!


As you can see, Georgie is a beautiful woman.  But she has also mastered sex.  Yeah, as if beautiful women needed more power.  Ms. Fairmont self glosses as follows: “a.k.a. Skinny Little Bitch. Sex and Relationship advisor. Sexual Athlete and Pro Exhibitionist. Sex Toy Test Pilot. Super Fan of @DonGeronimoShow.”  Hopefully we can make her a Super Fan of TFV.

In addition to this fantastic get, we found some other interesting bits of perfectly prurient prose to ponder.

First: Have Tech Geeks Mastered Sex (i.e., will technology and short attention spans defeat courtship and romance)?  Umm yeah … there really is an App for that:

Second: Are Men Really This Insecure? (Hint: Only If They Are … Never mind, the Pussification of Men Continues…):


Plus: Shit We’re Into; Heroes; Closing Argument; Sharp Take

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Showtile Dysfunction

Ladies (if there are any left) and Gentlemen (which is unlikely if you listen to this show), as we stated in last weeks submission, we are going to try a different format this week: two 60 to 90 minute shows, one on Sunday evening at 8 pm, and the other this coming Thursday at 8 pm.

“What the fuck can they cram into a show that is only 60 to 90 minutes long”, you ask?  Well wait for the rest of the fucking post!  Plenty!

Topic 1:

Women often talk about wanting to eat the fat cheeks of little babies or cute little animals (never the body parts you wish, right fellas???) and we’ve always look at them a little sideways like they are fucking crazy.

Turns out, like usual, smart people decided to study the phenomenon (wow, I spelled pnenomenon <—-WRONG right without spell check, but then failed in pumping myself up about it … sorry, moving on) and NBC News via Yale gives us the scoop.  It got us thinking about things we like to eat on sight (HINT … a different kind of baby cheeks).  Here’s the link:

Topic 2:

In usual tasteless fashion, we follow up a story about cute things and the symbolic ingestion of such things, with the actual Mexican dude who likes to BBQ doggystyle (This story is not really news in the Koreas, BTW):

Topic 3:

” If your child goes down the street, and someone makes fun of him because he dropped a pass in a pickup game, or SAYS HE’S FAT, and he comes home crying to his mom, you’d understand.” -Coach Mike Gundy,

We had a discussion regarding whats its like to want to get in better shape, or any shape other than round on the last show.  Turns out, fat loss has become hipster …

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  Feel free to drop by and share your thoughts and dreams with us, so long as it doesn’t involve the consumptions of actual BBQ dog … you know what, we want to hear from you too! In fact, call (646)595-3230 while we’re live and tell us the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten. You can also tell us anytime on any of the other mediums we use.

– Los Flying Vilorias

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This is my girlfriend … Nonexistent; She’s from Internet

Hello TFV friends.  Want to feel more prepared when listening to the 4,789,686th most downloaded podcast in Northern California?  Now you can!

Here is a reading list of the things we will be talking about tonight at 8 pm Pacific: (remember when you were confident that you had a significant other because, you know, you could go out on a date?  This story makes the already difficult nuances of amorous relationships even more fucking difficult.  That, or Manti Te’o is a sick and twisted fuck) (Justice system?  Only for the fit!  If you are prone to crime, make sure your BMI is in check and that you are not a woman) (Lena Dunham is really pushing the sexual security boundaries with her show Girls.  I don’t find her very attractive, but the sheer fact that she is so fucking comfortable with herself is sexy as fuck.  Her critics are monsters (see Howard Stern). We’ll discuss the social/sexual boundaries that we as Americans have yet to pursue.  We kind of discussed it a few weeks back with that married Olympian skank) (Out of ideas to entice your significant other to have sex with you?  Let the government help you out!)

If that weren’t enough for you, we’ll have our weekly segments updating you on what is inspiring us this week, those we deem assholes and heroes, and comments to leave you in deep thought.  


New Show Format

J Sharp ~ Hey guys. We are going to be trying out a new show format soon. Starting the week of 1/27 we will be doing 2 short shows a week instead of 1 long one. These shows will be around 60-90 minutes each. We know a lot of people don’t have time to listen to a three hour podcast so we are trying to get more people involved. What do you think? Take our poll, tweet us, write on our Facebook wall or email your vote to