Any Last Words Nikki Lee???


We have scoured the internet for show content and found some interesting morsels of knowledge to discuss.

First,: We get into the last words of the condemned and ponder what we might say if similarly situated:

Second: Porn comes to life … maybe a bit too real for those of us who’d rather not humanize the industry (also from Mr. Millaward).

Third: New Diet fad benefits Men and Women … kills marriage?

Fourth: Conservative State experiences ongoing evolution:

Finally: The Death of Yahoo?

Please let us know what you think.  Call in, write in, or listen in.



Blame Canada


Relax Bitches, We’re Back!

Hello Precious Listeners:

The End is Nigh???

Much has happened since our last show.  As it turns out, a building disguised as a space rock penetrated earth’s atmosphere and crashed into Mother Russia.  Two months late for the Mayan believers, but too close for comfort for the rest of us.  Or so the “media” would have us believe.  Check out the differing versions of Earth’s most compelling news …

Jobs Well Done

As it turns out, there is a cure for the common cold.

Vader’s Big Miss

These two articles bring up an important question: who do we want making the call?  I’ve got fucking Vader tattooed on my chest and have no credible argument that he should not have been in charge of the Empire’s army.  Fuck, laser removal is a bitch! 

Our new hero.  Seriously.  He should get his own section in every club he walks into … when he’s of age …

Useful Bits of Information NOT to Cite on Valentine’s Day:


Just so you know, the married guy found this.

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