That Chick Cray

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We may or may not have a guest this week. The title of the episode has nothing to do with her. With the Jodi Arias verdict in, we decided to talk about some crazy females in the news.

The Gas Face


What would you do if someone farted in your face? Laugh? Cough? Fart back? Or maybe chuck a knife at them? Unless they are taking creatine, it’s probably not that big of a deal.

You DO NOT Talk About Fight Bus


What’s the coolest thing an authority figure ever did for you? Probably not this. Although, I think this kind of thing would really make the world a better place. Got a problem with someone? You should be able to legally fight them.

Hot Mess


Nothing like a rich, crazy, drunk chick sitting courtside. Feel entitled much?

A Not-So-Simple Plan


Your plan, you didn’t think it all the way through. “Listin’ Up” returns with some horrible murder plots.

That Pic Cray


This picture is causing quite a stir. The conspiracy theorists have weighed in. Coincidence or something more?

If our guest doesn’t come on we may have a couple other stories for you as well. Of course, we will also have Trashbags, Shit We’re Into and Hero of the Week.

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