You Are NOT The Father!

We’re baaaaaack!!! Back from vacation, back on the air, back with hilarity. We’ve got some daddy issues, DJs, aggressive handies and championship shooting to discuss. Plus, J talks about his vacation and the guys break down the regular segments. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. And thank you for flying TFV Air!

Daddy Issues

Apparently, some women aren’t honest about the real father of their baby. I am shocked, SHOCKED, to hear this.

Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On Your Way Out

Some radio hosts in Atlanta decided to try being funny and only succeeded in pissing people off. Stay classy, assholes!

Masturbation…You’re Doing It Wrong

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

A Game Winning Shot

They say defense wins championships. Well, on this day, the better shooter lived to play another day.

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Just Put it on My Tab … Wait!


Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and have an enormous show to present you.  With the economy in shambles, we bring you the abhorrant display of excess that would make Jay-Z and Kanye blush.  How the fuck do you you BLOW a BILLION DOLLARS?  Ask the guy who sold CNET.  Dick.  TFV discuss what they would do given the chance to piss away that much loot.  What would you do with it???


Up next, co-host J Sharp announces some big news then we get into whether the people who write about relationships for a living are actually onto something:


In this week’s “whats wrong with America” segment, we give you this (serious ladies, can we aim a little higher?): 


Bar tabs from hell … what must these parties have been like???

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