The New Rude


I WAS JUST QUOTING!!!  For real.  Last week got a little out of hand when a measured decision went terribly wrong.  One co-host’s work usage (in the context of a quote) got people talking about whether language is in the purview of race.  We won’t get into that (but you can if you call/email/Facebook/Twitter in), but while taking in the Bay Boys of Comedy live this weekend, the white people in the crowd were acting foolish, which led one comedian to comment that the whites in the crowd were acting like black folks (whom are allegedly, stereotypically rude or loud out of context at comedy shows?).  Got us thinking, can white people just get away with whatever the fuck they want and do it without a shred of irony?  We discuss.



White House responds to hang nail by cutting off finger …

Perhaps the White House should think about stopping drone attacks?  Nah, lets worry about the President’s selfie issue.


The War Against Terror takes a logical turn …


First they want to share your fries … then everything else/Are men just paranoid?


Image Image


The Internet works …




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