Sex, Guns and …

Hello ladies and gentlemen to our sacred Christian show.  We are back to bring to light stories from the dirty underbelly of life.  Chicks with guns in their china, gender neutrality in Happy Meals, and how would you tell your parents about your porn job?  Plus, we have a new contributing guest to introduce … to relate to our younger crowd.  The Alexhondro will join The Franchise and the counselor.  Tune in or log on, Monday, 11:30 Eastern, 8:30 Pacific.  Call in and share your thoughts or tweet us.  

Janie’s Got a Gun (this story is in no way affiliated with Aerosmith and the views espoused in this episode in no way should be attributed to or endorsed by the band Aerosmith and/or any of its members and/or agents)  …

Men love women and guns.  This girl combines the two …


I’d like a Happy Meal with a side of liberal are-you-fucking-kidding-me …



Dear Mama?  How would you tell your parents that you were in porn?  Vox asks the question.  



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