Cinco de Fly-o

Happy Cinco de Fly-o everyone! We celebrate May with a hands-on look at what the month stands for.



We talk about Leo Sharp (no relation…I hope) and the bold decision he’s made about what remains of his life.



We will talk about finding something you do well, and being proud of it.



Ever felt like you’re being watched? How about being touched? Diddled? Ever felt like there was a penis inside you when you were alone in a room? It may not be your imagination.



Why all the sex talk? Well, have you heard the show? Plus, we have a scientific list as to why May is the horniest month of the year.



Tune in to the ridiculousness Monday 5/5 at 8:30pm Pacific. You can participate by calling (646)668-8350; emailing; tweeting us @FlyingVilorias or writing on the wall of our Facebook fan page. Just search The Flying Vilorias.



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