A Balanced Diet

Hello Flying Vilorians! We’ve got another crazy episode for you!

The Vegetarian Entree


Well, we’ve all heard of women using vegetables in their sexcapades, but this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.



Here Cums Dessert!


Here’s one booster you won’t see on the Jamba Juice menu!



Your Tip Is How Small?

bad tipper

We’ve talked about tipping before, and I’m sure we’ll talk about it again. My rule is, start at 20% and go from there, based on service. There’s one restaurant owner that’s taking all the math and douchebaggery out of tipping. I think he’s onto something.



Looner Event

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

This is a story of a blow job gone horribly wrong!!! No more clowning around!



A Quantum Leap



And, of course, we have to spend some time on another subject. If for no other reason, to prove we don’t always think like 12 year old boys. Does consciousness die with with body? Or does it move on to another universe? Things that make you go hmmm…



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