Scared Stupid


 Great white sharks are popping up more and more off the coast of California. I just hope they remember the Vilorias are friends, not food.



Some people are trying to get grizzly bears back in California. They’re bringing grizzlies back…yep. These mother fuckers don’t know how to act. GET IN THE FETAL POSITION AND DON’T MOVE! Or is it appear as big as possible and get loud?



A burglar logged in to his Facebook account in a home he broke into. He forgot to log out. Then he got really stupid. His next post will be…”My ass hurts! :(” 453 People like this.


A company has released an iPad cover that has a fleshlight attached to it. If you don’t know what a fleshlight is, you likely have a sex life.

A French-Canadian porn star one-ups everyone in the mile high club.

And, finally, a Chilean porn star celebrates her country’s World Cup victory by playing with balls. A lot of balls.

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