TFV 53 Back Again

What’s up people! We are finally back with more fun! We’ve ditched the Random Intervals title and have gone back to being the Flying Vilorias! That’s right, THE TRASH TALKING, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD are back for good! We’re going back to the old format, too. Talking about stupid stuff on the internet, Shit we’re into and maybe even heroes of the week. The only difference is the length of show. It’s hard for us to get time to do 3 hour shows at the same time with our hectic schedules. So the shows will now be between 30 and 45 minutes long. This will make scheduling shows easier on us and will also mean at least two shows per week. That’s our promise to you, our loyal listeners. More episodes! Consistent episodes! If we fail to deliver, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can do so on Twitter by tweeting @FlyingVilorias or my personal account @jsharpcomedy; on The Flying Vilorias Facebook page; or by emailing We appreciate any feedback, good or bad.


Now, on to the big return show! Coming live at 9am Pacific on Super Sunday!!! Get the day off on the right foot. If that’s what you’re into. Yeah, we’re talking to you Sexy Rexy. We’ve got a blockbuster show! We have obtained exclusive audio from Peyton Manning’s crisis management team regarding the Al Jazeera story that accuses Manning of using PEDs. Yes, exclusive. You’ll only hear it on The Flying Vilorias podcast! Don’t miss it!


After we drop that audio and analyze the content, we’ll jump into the butterscotch complexion of Stacey Dash. The hot-until-she-opens-her-mouth actress got a little heated at something Anthony Anderson said at the NAACP Awards.

Read the article here: Stacey Dash Butterscotch


We’ll close out the show with Shit We’re Into and maybe make some Super Bowl predictions. Join us! We are going to have a blast!


Listen to the show here: The Flying Vilorias Podcast



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